What a Ride!
Season 1, Episode 22
Vital statistics
Air date 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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"Magic No More" "Who Let the Cat Out?"


Sabrina offers to do deliveries for her paternal aunts so she can buy a cake for Jim, whose birthday is two days away. However, things become annoying when Veralupa accidentally traps Shinji in her mystic broomstick-turned-scooter. Shinji talks up a storm during Sabrina's job, which soon attracts the attention of Ms. Titan. She takes the talking scooter on a ride of their lives all across Greendale to reveal her discovery of a talking motorized vehicle. More determined than ever to return to Witch World, Shinji furiously tries to throw Ms. Titan off.  But she is bent on revealing a talking scooter to the other teachers of Greendale High School to prove that she is not crazy.

Back in Witch World, Veralupa is still having trouble with her magic, as she had accidentally transformed Ambrose into a black cat instead of a dog, sunshine instead of rain, and painting the school all black instead of white. Fortunately, Sabrina returns and reveals to Veralupa that she had been holding her wand backwards the whole time, which caused the opposite effect of her spells. She grudgingly changes Shinji back and she and him then fight it out to exact their revenge on each other. This causes their exceptionally strong magic to connect and transform them both into a cat and dog, who are natural born enemies, as are they. 


  • It appears that when a witch/wizard's wand is held backwards, it produces the exact opposite effects of his or her spells. 
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