Sabrina, Shinji, Veralupa, Ambrose and Enchantra are ready to greatly strengthen and fully recharge their magic wands at the mystical charging stone. However, the wands require more magical power, which is derived from the superstitions and luck-based beliefs of humans. As it is the thirteenth of Friday, Sabrina suggests that she return to Greendale to have all of her human friends be much more superstitious in order to fully recharge and strengthen their wands power. Unfortunately, it adds up far too much magical energy to be sent into the charging stone, and creates a huge swirling gray vortex in the sky, which is getting stronger and more powerfully destructive and could destroy all of Witch World if not closed soon.  

Hearing the dangers occurring in the magical world, Sabrina changes her objectives to try to get all of her human friends not to be superstitious anymore in order to stop it. Unfortunately, it has no effect and seems to only make the vortex even much stronger. Sabrina suddenly returns to see Shinji and Ambrose holding on to the charging stone with all their might as they are almost getting sucked into the vortex as well. Enchantra realizes that something that is important to both wizards and humans can close the vortex entirely. Sabrina uses her mystical pendant to close the vortex, which she considers her own lucky charm.    


  • Superstitions are based on many beliefs and faiths for good or bad luck. Such lucky charms; such as four-leaf clovers, rabbits' feet, horseshoes, and mystical talismans. 
  • The thirteenth of Friday is said to be a really unlucky day of bad luck; particularly for people born on that day. And thirteen an unlucky number.
  • As superstitions are said to be magical, mystical and supernatural, very strong faiths and beliefs are what strengthens and replenishes the magic wands and scepters of witches and wizards in Witch World.