Ms.Tiffany Titan is the gruff security officer of Greendale High School. She is determined to uncover Sabrina's "weirdness" and will go any lengths to prove that magic and magical beings do indeed exist.  She is always suspicious whenever Sabrina does something "unatural" around her and is bent on exposing Sabrina's magical secrets as a half-witch to the world. 

She is a reucurring character in the show and does not appear in many episodes of every season. 


Season One

  • Dances with Werewolves (first appearance)
  • Scream It with Flowers
  • Shock Rock
  • No Time
  • Return of the Werewolf
  • See No Sabrina, Hear No Sabrina
  • Ultra-Stitious 
  • Sabrina the Troll Princess
  • Night Pests
  • A Renewed Sense of Magic
  • Super-brina
  • What a Ride!
  • Spella!