Season 1, Episode 26
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Air date June 1, 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Careful What You Witch For! Season 2 premiere


Enchantra and Sabrina are suddenly banished to the human world by none other than Enchantra's own venomous and evil older sister, Spella, who was always jealous and envious that her little sister was always much stronger and more powerful a sorceress than her. Now the unlikely duo are forced to work together in order to return to Witch World. Now that Spella has control of Witch World, most of the creatures are under her mind-control and obey her commands without question. She imprisons Shinji, Veralupa, AmbroseLonda and Zonda in an impenetrable mystic bubble shield, which is also sound proof. Professor Giest  later manages to release them by merely popping the magical bubble shield with a pin.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Sabrina has an angry and humiliated Enchantra become a waitress at Spellman's Brew. The evil sorceress tries to frighten Jim and Harvey by magically making muffins appear and ends up severing their juice instead, much to her displeasure. Salem manages to find the exact spell that will reopen the portal in one of the dozens of spellbooks. Sabrina and Enchantra must find a toenail from a beast, which is fur from a dog, and a tear from a tough person, which turns out to be Ms.Titan.

Having obtained the three necessary items, the two finally return to Witch World and end up in an all-out battle against Spella, who has her minions and slaves fight for her. But Sabrina manages to beat them through her human knowledge of "rock, paper, scissors."  With the others released by Professor Giest, they easily trap Spella in the exact same bubble shield she had used earlier and send her away. Enchantra takes her elder sister's powerful mystic staff as a souvenir and orders them all to act as if none of this had ever occurred. Sabrina later asks Enchantra if Spella told the truth about Enchantra being a klutz just like her when she was Sabrina's age. Enchantra denies it, but not when she stumbles twice on the floor, which causes Sabrina to laugh in amusement. 

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  • Spella was always jealous of Enchantra always being in control, and reaching the very top of all kinds of witchcraft and sorcery.
  • It is revealed that Zelda and Hilda were in the same classes as Enchantra when they were all young witches/sorceresses-in-training at Witch School many years ago. It has not been confirmed whether their late brother Edward, too, had been in the same classes.
  • According to Spella, Sabrina has the potential to become just as powerfully magical as Enchantra herself.
  • The show was cancelled after this episode, leaving a cliffhanger.
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