General Information
Age: Late thirties
Species: Sorceress
Resides: In some prison of Witch World
Powers/Abilities: Magical aura (colored turquoise green)
Extraordinary spell-casting and magic user
Bubble imprisonment spells
Banishing spells
Mind-controlling spells
Invisibility spells
Transfiguration spells
Telekinetic spells
Mystic shield generation
Family: Unknown parents
Enchantra (younger sister)
Unknown brother-in-law (deceased)
Shinji (nephew)
Friends: Only the unwilling minions and lackeys she magically has control over
Enemies: Enchantra
Professor Giest
Londa and Zonda
Series Information
First seen: "Spella"

Spella is the venomous and resentful older sister of Enchantra, and Shinji's maternal aunt. She first appears in an episode bearing her name to exact revenge upon her little sister for always being much stronger and more powerful than her and always reaching the top of witchery and magic. She seems to despise her younger sister very much; enough that she had gladly banished her to Earth with no way back to the magical world. She is known to be a wanderer and does not stay in one place too long. According to Professor Giest, she is even more fierce and authoritative than Enchantra.

Her innate magical aura is a light turquoise green; the same as the large orbicular jewel in the center of her mystical staff. 

Personality and TraitsEdit

Just like her younger sister, Spella is just as heartless, cruel, devious, heinous, crafty, selfish, cunning, controlling, manipulative, and domineering as her younger sister is. She will go through any means necessary and even the most extreme of measures to ensure that she gets what she wants; whatever it takes. She is tired of her little sister always being in control and will try to remove her from her unjust rulership of the magical world.

According to Professor Giest, she is even more authoritative than her sister.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has thick waist-length wavy and curly black hair, a circular red headband on her forehead with small golden decorations, tan skin, and wears two golden earrings with gold bangles on her wrists and circular golden pendant. Her attire consists of a reddish gown with a lime green-colored shawl and thick, high-heeled sandals. She dons a deep green fur around her neck.  

Magical AbilitiesEdit

As an extremely strong sorceress, Spella can create impenetrable sound-proof bubble-like orbs to imprison her enemies in, erect incredibly strong force-fields for protection, create thick chains to restrain her opponents, bring inanimate objects to life, and levitate in the air. She is also quite skilled in banishing spells, as she managed to banish her younger sister and Sabrina to the human world with no trouble at all after obtaining the three items required to cast it.

Her mystical staff is a long wooden one with a large turquoise orb in the center; without which, she is weakened considerably and completely powerless.

Trivia Edit

  • She detects that Sabrina has a strong natural potential to become just as powerful as her own sister.
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