In Greendale, Sabrina is to be in charge of a charity event to help homeless cats in Greendale.but, In the magical world, Ambrose, Veralupa, Londa, Zonda, and Shinji are all determined to have their own band of musicians with Ambrose as the lead singer. after singing horribly and hearing their playing the instriments shinji leaves the band

Enchantra is fed up with all the noise and traps them in a large blue bubble of silence. Salem goes to the high school and is caught by Ms. Titan, who hears him talking out loud. The principal is determined to discover the "weirdness" of the talking cat and Sabrina. As nothing in Witch World and penetrate the bubble of silence, Sabrina brings it to the human world and uses a pen to break it open. There, Ambrose and the others take all of Greendale High School by storm with their awesome music. 

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