General Information
Age: 16
Species: Wizard
Resides: Witch World
Occupation: Student at Witch School
Wizard in training
Powers/Abilities: Magical aura (colored red)
Various magical abilities
Dark magic
Dark spell-casting
Unusually strong spell-casting
Levitation spells
Transformation spells
Transfiguration spells
Teleportation spells
Telekinetic spells
Intangibility spells
Invisibility spells
Elemental and Weather magic
Water magic
Fire magic
Air/Wind magic
Lightning/Electric magic
Excellent use of spellbooks and mystic charms and talisman
Supernatural abilities
Mystic energy blasts (colored red)
Protection spells
Family: Enchantra (mother)
Unnamed father (deceased)
Spella (maternal aunt)
Pet(s): Gob Goblin (Ice Giant for Tea)
Frenemies: Sabrina
Londa and Zonda
Romances: Sabrina (?)
Series Information
First seen: Dances with Werewolves

Shinji is the only child and son of Enchantra and one of Sabrina's classmates in the magical world of Witch World. He acts as an ambitious bully to Sabrina and her best friend Veralupa. The reason he can't tell Sabrina that he likes her is that he knows that she likes Jim. In the first episode, he went to get her from Greendale to convince her to go to a party in the witch world. He greatly resembles his mother, Enchantra. His father is unknown; presumably dead. His magic wand is blood-red and slightly bumpy and curved in appearance. His innate magical aura is whitish-red.  

Personality and TraitsEdit

Shinji appears to be a cruel, selfish, and heartless vindictive warlock and just like his mother, Enchantra, he will go as far as trying to get Sabrina in trouble just because she refused to have dinner with him. He is also shown to be very arrogant and boastful.

In the very first episode, Dances with Werewolveshe acted very envious and venomously toward Sabrina when he found out that she liked spending more time with a human guy rather than him, which implies that he does have a small crush on Sabrina.

Another piece of evidence which proves he may like Sabrina is in magic no more when Jim wanted to shake his hand, Shinji told him to step away from him and Sabrina. And, in chariots of fear, when they were on their raft, he held on to Sabrina in fear for his life and in fear she would fall off. Finally, in the episode No Time, he wouldn't tell Sabrina the way out of the Limbo Labyrinth in fear she wouldn't come back to witch world to be with him.

Also, Ambrose once called Shinji a '' friend''. Originally appeared to tolerate his insolent behavior, as well eared him and little. But after a few dramatic situations, Shinji starts to become more independent from his mother and most considerate towards others and begins to see beyond the evil that his mother has influenced him with.

Appearance Edit

Shinji has long, neatly cut black hair with blue sheens. His eyes have a rare mix of blue and purple. His ears form an angle aside and in his left ear has a gold earring. He wears very well designed clothes. His chest is loaded with a red handkerchief in the shape of a rose. Also, he wears a white shirt and a purple magic necklace with a red jewel in the middle. He is wearing a black cape decorated with some symbols on the shoulders and also suns, full moons, half-moons symbol. The collar of the cape is gray. The edges of his sleeves are red with black cufflinks. He wears tight red leather pants. In his left hand, he is wearing a purple bracelet decorated with lines. Also, he is wearing a black leather belt and black leather boots.


Season One 

Trivia Edit

  • He is a Level 9 wizard and strong in magic.
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