Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch is a 3D computer-animated show that is said to consist of four seasons; of twenty-six episodes; totaling one hundred and four episodes. It focuses on the double life of Sabrina Spellman who is half witch and half human. As her parents, Edward and Diana, had passed away when she was a baby, Sabrina has been living her paternal Aunts Zelda and Hilda in the city of Greendale in the human world.  She also frequently attends sorcery classes in the magical world of Witch World in order to greatly strengthen and increase her magic to even greater power-levels. 

While on Earth in the human world, she must conceal her identity as being half witch from the humans around her with the exception of her best friend Jessie. Unbeknownest to Sabrina, the evil sorceress Enchantra plans to do all she can to make Sabrina abhor the human world and choose to live in Witch World of her own free will. If so, than Enchantra will be able to rule all of Witch World with immesne magical power and strength as the greatest sorceress that has ever existed. She fears of losing all of her immesnely powerful magical abilities and strength if Sabrina refuses to take the throne willingly with Shinji as her king.

Season One (2013-2014)Edit

  1. Dances with Werewolves
  2. Scream It with Flowers!
  3. Ice Giant for Tea
  4. Shock Rock
  5. No Time
  6. Faking Up Is Hard to Do
  7. Hic! Hic! Boom!
  8. Best Friends Fighting
  9. Return of the Werewolf
  10. Creatures and Caves
  11. See No Sabrina, Hear No Sabrina
  12. Hurry Scurry!
  13. Ultra-Stitious
  14. Sabrina the Troll Princess
  15. Baby-Witching
  16. Night Pests
  17. A Renewed Sense of Magic
  18. Super-brina!
  19. Home Sweet Home
  20. Now You See It...
  21. No More Magic
  22. What a Ride!
  23. Who Let the Cat Out?
  24. Chariots of Fear
  25. Careful What You Witch For!
  26. Spella!