Sabrina in her human form.

Sabrina Spellman
General Information
Age: 16
Species: Half-witch, half human
Resides: Earth, Greendale City
Witch World (occasionally)
Occupation: Witch-in-training at Witch School
Student at Greendale High School
Powers/Abilities: Exceptional spell-casting
Elemental/Weather magic:
Water magic
Fire magic
Earth/Nature magic
Air magic
Lightning/Thunder magic
Ice magic
Supernatural detection (via mystic pendant)
Transformation spells
Telekinetic spells
Nicknames: Super-brina (by Harvey)
Weirdo or freak (by Amy)
Family: Edward (wizard father)
Diana (human mother; deceased)
Zelda and Hilda (paternal aunts)
Ambrose (cousin)
Friends: Jessie
Londa and Zonda
Pet(s): Salem
Enemies: Amy
Romances: Jim (fake crush) Shinji ( her real crush)
Series Information
First seen: Dances with Werewolves

Sabrina Spellman is the main person in the story.. She has to keep her true identity as half-witch secret. No one in the human world can ever know she is half witch with the exception of Jessie. She has to play a " normal human being" in the face of supernatural danger if any of her best human friends are around. This leads to comic situations -- especially when the warlock who likes her, Shinji deciding he should save her and also he's the warlock she likes as well.Her best friend is Jessie. As with all teenage girls who have decided they are best friends forever, they will defend and protect each other to the end. And Jessie knows she must protect Sabrina because she is such a "klutz", she will impale herself on her #2 pencil if Jessie doesn't look out for her. 

Around Sabrina's neck, on a silver chain, is Sabrina’s mystical bright pink-colored magical pendant . Every witch and sorceress in Witch World has a similar but unique piece of a jeweled pendent of a different color, which represents their very own innate magical aura and magic power-level. Sabrina’s amulet alerts her to supernatural activity or danger by glowing pink or magenta in warning. In the episode "Ultra-Stitious", it is considered her good luck charm.

Unlike all of the other witches and sorceresses in Witch World, Sabrina also has her parents’ wedding rings on the chain of her mystical pendant. The rings possess unusually strong magical properties that will eventually aid Sabrina in solving the mystery of what had happened to her beloved parents-Edward and Diana- all those years ago when she was a baby. She likes to remain on Earth because she wants to see what the non-magical world has to offer.  

Magical Abilities Edit

Even when in human form, Sabrina's innate magical abilities continue to grow stronger and enable her to use them freely, even though she is forbidden to do so in the mortal world.

Her broomstick changes into a purple scooter, but can become a broom again if needed. She can still rely on her magic to solve ordinary problems that are too difficult or mundane. She later learned to fly in midair while becoming invisible at the same time. At one point, she had split a falling tree in two and later made a rock float in the air.

Trivia Edit

  • Sabrina likes her magical powers she inherited from her late father, but prefers to live a normal life rather than rule the magical world as queen. But she has ties in witch world because here cousin Ambrose and his parents live there so does here best witch friend Veralupa