Professor Giest
General Information
Age: Centuries old
Species: Wizard/Warlock
Resides: Witch World
Occupation: Teacher/Professor at Witch School
Powers/Abilities: Extraordinary spell-casting
Transformational magic
Elemental magic
Invisibility spells
Extensive knowledge of magical creatures and other mystical artifacts
Friends: Students:
Londa and Zonda
Enemies: Spella
Frenemies: Enchantra
Series Information
First seen: Return of the Werewolf

Professor Giest is a teacher at Witch School in the magical world . He teaches Sabrina, Shinji, Ambrose, Veralupa, Londa, and Zonda on various types of increasingly powerful magic and sorcery in his class. He demonstrates incredibly strong transformation spells,  telekinetic spells, teleportation spells, potions, and various elemental spells that enable magical control over the weather as well.  

He disliked having to use a Witch pad instead of his precious spellbooks and other magical artifacts, talismans, and charms. He is a recurring character in the show, and does not appear in many episodes. He speaks with a Scottish ascent.  

Physical AppearanceEdit

He floats on blue-green fire and wears spectacles. He has bright orange wavy hair and creamy white skin and wears a striped kilt. 

His wand is pale brown with green at the top. His innate magical aura is a pale turquoise.  


Season One

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only warlock/wizard teaching at Witch School until Enchantra had became the headmistress.