Nocturna Beast
General Information
Species: Magical creature
Resides: Hollow tree in Witch World
Powers/Abilities: Dream entering
Fear empowerment
Fright empowerment
Razor-sharp teethe and tentacles
Enemies: Sabrina
Series Information
First seen: Night Pests

A Nocturna Beast is a dark creature that live in hollow tree in the magical world. They are black with red eyes and snarling mouths. It lives in hollow trees in dark forest of the magical world. They also have several tentacles that enable them to move around. They feed on fear and fright; especially from the nightmares of humans. Th

e more fear their absorb, the stronger and more powerful a Nocturna Beast becomes. It can only be defeated when being exposed to the mystical Sphere of Illumination.

Enchantra had summoned one to make Sabrina's life in the mortal world more insufferable, but had failed again.