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Londa and Zonda
General Information
Age: 16
Species: Witches
Resides: Witch World
Occupation: Students at Witch School
Powers/Abilities: Levitation
Magical aura (light blue; Zonda, light orange for Londa)
Transfiguration spells
Family: Each other (as sisters)
Friends: Sabrina
Enemies: Spella
Frenemies: Shinji
Series Information
First seen: Dances with Werewolves

Londa and Zonda are fraternal witch twins who live in the parallel world of Witch World, and are classmates and good friends of Sabrina Spellman. They seem to be sisters, as they are always seen together and have similar appearances.

Magical Abilities Edit

Londa and Zonda both are exceptionally skilled witches-in-training, though they need much more studying of magic at Witch School by Professor Geist. Like all wizards and witches, they use their unique magic wand to fully channel and harness their own band of magic through it. They are masters at high-level levitation spells, and even teleportation.

They use their nonverbal telekinetic spells to play a game they call "Dodge Rocks."


Season One

Trivia Edit

  • There are minor recurring characters throughout the series, and appear together as opposed to separately.