Limbo Labyrinth
Vital statistics
Type Maze
Level Unknown
Location Somewhere in Witch World
Inhabitants Talking trees
The Limbo Labyrinth is an alternate place of maze-like passages and obstacles that make it nearly impossible to get out off alive.

History Edit

In the episode No Time, Enchantra had been telling the class all about the labyrinth while Sabrina was snoozing off. When the mystical Hourglass of Horris fell through the portal into the magical world, Enchantra had her son Shinji take it into the labyrinth to force Sabrina there; knowing that she would never find her way out.

A talking tree (which was Shinji in disguise) decided to "help" Sabrina, Ambrose and Veralupa recover the hourglass before all of time froze in the human world for eternity. It has a full moon over it, which serves as an exit to the other side of Witch World.