General Information
Age: 15
16 (Season 2)
Species: Human/Mortal
Nitch (by Enchantra)
Resides: Greendale City, Earth
Occupation: Student at Greendale High School
Powers/Abilities: Hand-to-hand combatant
Expert in unarmed combat
Expert athletic skills
Incredible acrobatic skills

When controlled by a Sprite:

  • Flight
  • Generate beams of red energy
Nicknames: Jess
Family: Unnamed parents
Unknown aunt and uncle
Max (first cousin)
Friends: Sabrina Spellman (best friend)
Enemies: Nocturna Beast (Episode 16; only)
Enchantra (unknown)
Frenemies: Amy
Series Information
First seen: "Dances with Werewolves"
Last seen: TBA

Jessie is the only human of Sabrina's who knows her magical, mystical secret.

She was the first person to talk to Sabrina when she first enrolled at Greendale High School, which soon led to their strong and close friendship. How she learned and came to welcome Sabrina being half witch remains a mystery.

History Edit

She is an African-American girl with big dreams and the unusual natural talent to back them up. She is one of those people who does many things well, and, at this time in her life, she is in the process of deciding which of her special and unique talents she will fully embrace. She often appears at Hilda and Zelda's shop where Sabrina lives.

Jessie is fiercely loyal and devoted to Sabrina. She will always take her side and always be there for and stand by her no matter what happens; whether magical or ordinary. It is unknown just how Jessie had learned and happily accepted that her best friend was half witch with extraordinarily strong magical abilities.


Season One Edit

Season Two Edit

​Trivia Edit

  • She is likely inspired by the brown-skinned mortal Chloe Flan in Sabrina: The Animated Series who also knew and kept Sabrina's secret as a half witch. In Sabrina's Secret Life, a brown-skinned mortal girl by the name of Maritza was unaware of Sabrina's magical abilities.
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