While demonstrating a transformation spell with a flick of the wrist, Sabrina accidentally changes Professor Geist into a chicken. She returns home to Greendale, and explains to her Aunts Hilda and Zelda her mistake and not having been taught the undo spell. When Zelda and Hilda start making a potion to help reverse the transformation spell, Sabrina accidentally transforms her aunts into white mice. As they can only speak the squeaky language of mice and rats, Sabrina makes a comfortable bed in a box for her aunts while trying to discover how to fix everything. 

Shinji and Ambrose are trying to catch the professor-turned-chicken before Enchantra discovered it, which quite difficult as he is too fast for them, even for their magic. Sabrina returns to see the box empty and worries that Salem may be on the loose for the two real-life mice. While escaping Salem's hungry desire to eat them, Zelda and Hilda act out Enchantra's main spellbook, as there is an undo spell inside it. Shinji happily distratcs his mother for sabrina distracts while Sabrina looks through it to find the right counter spell.  It works, and Professor Geist is turned back into a professor, as are Hilda and Zelda. The two Spellman sisters have no hard feelings toward Salem, as he was just doing what all cats do: Chase mice. 

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