Sabrina is learning about the incredible fauna and wildlife of the magical world in Professor Geist's class with her fellow classmates Londa and Zonda. Back in the human world, a greedy business man named Harry Evans is bent on demolishing Spellmans' Brew and turning into a mall or parking lot. Sabrina is doing all she can to have her beloved Aunts Hilda and Zelda keep their shop and dearest home. Also, if the shop is destroyed then so is the secret hidden portal to Witch World.

In a last ditch effort, Sabrina brings a baby blue-colored spotted frog from Witch World to show Mr. Evans that it is an incredibly rare endangered species of animal. Although fascinated, Harry still insists of carrying out his plans. Zelda and Hilda are about to give in, but Sabrina uses her magic to have the bulldozers act like obedient pets. An old man suddenly appears and tells Mr. Evans that these "young ladies" had allowed him to take a snazzy hat for free. And that kind of kindness and generosity needs to repaid in full consideration. 


  • It is revealed that Zelda and Hilda merely rent Spellman's Brew, not own it.
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