Fighting Sprites
General Information
Species: Magical creatures
Resides: Witch World
Powers/Abilities: Hatred embodiment
Anger embodiment
Negative emotion personification
Magical energy bursts
Superhuman strength
Enemies: Each other
Series Information
First seen: Best Friends Fighting
Last seen: Best Friends Fighting

Fighting Sprites are ancient magical creatures that have been locked in a never-ending battle of bitter rivalry and enmity for thousands of years. One is red and the other is dark blue. Enchantra had them contained in friendship bracelets for Sabrina and Jessie, so that their everlasting fury and bitter rage would transfer to them. Fortunately, Sabrina had managed to break free of the blue sprite's hold by tapping into her witch side.

They can only be destroyed when the bracelets come together and smashed at once.

Abilities Edit

When taking possession of a host, it causes them to become increasingly bitter and venomous toward the other. When possessing a human, such as Jessie, it grants them the abilities of flight, firing magical energy bursts, and enhanced strength.