General Information
Age: Early thirties (centuries old)
Species: Witch
Resides: Witch World
Occupation: Headmistress of Witch School
Ruler of Witch World
Waitress at Spellman's Brew (temporarily)
Powers/Abilities: Extremely strong spell-casting
Runic magic (via spellbooks)
Intangibility spells
Invisibility spells
Dark magic
Dark spell-casting
Spying (via magic mirror)
Immobilization/Freezing spells
Transformation spells
Teleportation magic
Elemental and weather magic
Death magic
Profound knowledge and use of magical artifacts, spellbooks, talismans and charms
All types of evil/black magic
Family: Deceased parents
Spella (older sister)
Deceased husband
Shinji (son)
Friends: None
Pet(s): Spugent (minion/lackey)
Enemies: Her own sister Spella

Spellman Family (unbeknownst to them)

Frenemies: Hilda and Zelda Spellman (since her preteens)
Romances: Her deceased husband
Series Information
First seen: "Dances With Werewolves"

Enchantra is the main antagonist in the whole story. She constantly tries to make Sabrina's life in the world of the humans' insufferable and unbearable enough for her, Sabrina, to live in Witch World permanently in fear that all of her own immense magical power and strength will be gone forever if Sabrina does not choose to have her only child with Shinji, as her king.  

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She is an extremely powerful sorceress of great strength at increasingly higher magic levels. Her innate magical aura is colored crimson red just like her son's. In order to prevent any illness and disease, she uses hand-sanitize whenever she can. In Chariots of Fear, she has Sabrina and Shinji take the journey of ten thousand steps until they find their way back to Witch School. She intended for them to form a bond of friendship and romance by finally working together as a team, but had failed once again. She did not appear in one day as she was on a cruise to the river of blood.

She has an older sister named Spella, who is just as power-crazed and powerfully magical as she is and who manages to banish her to the human world in the story It was revealed that she, like Sabrina, had been a klutz when she was much younger. In her much younger years, she was in the same classes with Zelda and Hilda, but had hardly ever talked to them, as she mispronounces their names, much to Zelda's annoyance.

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Personality and TraitsEdit

She is a very cold-hearted, cunning, manipulate, devious, and selfish sorceress of tremendous magical potential and abilities, considering the fact that Salem is afraid of her and that she desires to become queen of Witch world if Sabrina does not wish to live in the magical world permanently and marry Shinji of her own free will. If that occurs, this witch will lose all of her tremendously strong mystical powers as a sorceress/witch. She is confirmed to be the scariest witch of the magical, mystical realms; due to an incident summoning a terrifying creature; as proven in the story

one day in the story , Enchantra had said that she was going to raise her level of evil to ensure that Sabrina chose to live in Witch World of her own free will; no matter what it would take.


  • She is a main evil throughout the story
  • She used to teach various types of magic and witchcraft but was replaced by Professor Giest.
  • She harbors an intense sibling rivalry with her elder sister.
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