Edward Spellman
General Information
Species: Wizard
Resides: Witch World (originally)
Occupation: Killed in mysterious circumstances
Powers/Abilities: Exceptional Spell-casting
Various types of magic
Family: Vesta (older sister)
Zelda and Hilda (older sisters)
Diana (lover/wife)
Sabrina (only child/daughter)
Ambrose (nephew)
Enemies: Enchantra (possibly)
Romances: Diana (wife)
Series Information
First seen: Faking Up Is Hard to Do! (referenced only)

Edward Spellman was an extremely powerful and masterful high-level sorcerer/wizard of the magical world. He was Sabrina's wizard father and Zelda and Hilda's younger brother.

History[edit | edit source]

Some time ago, he had romantically fraternized and fell head-over-heels in love with a beautiful and attractive human woman named Diana from the mortal world . The two had dated several times, eventually married, and later bore one child-a daughter whom they named Sabrina. As a wizard/sorcerer, he was extremely powerful and ranked as the strongest wizard/sorcerer in all of Witch World; probably even rivaling those of Enchantra.

Some time later, Edward had tragically died when Sabrina was only two years old from unknown causes. This left young Sabrina to be raised by her paternal aunts in the human world under their loving and protective care. As a teenager, Sabrina wears her father's wedding ring on her mystical pendant, which will eventually assist her in discovering the horrible truth of how her wizard father had died all those years ago.

In the sixth episode, "Faking Up Is Hard to Do" Edward was mentioned by Enchantra when she had scolded his only child of consorting with a human boy; which, according to her, was his biggest mistake.

Magical Abilities[edit | edit source]

It is implied that he was an extraordinarily powerful wizard/sorcerer; capable of performing high-level feats of magic and wizardry in many ways both offensive and defensive.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Many of his own magical artifacts and spellbooks are now in the possession of his teenage daughter and two sisters.
  • As Sabrina is princess of the magical world; one can assume that Edward was once King of Witch World before his untimely death sixteen years previously.
  • In Sabrina: The Animated Series, Edward was indeed alive, but for some reason did not live with his young daughter, but only visited her occasionally.
  • In another live-action series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Edward had been "trapped" in one of his sisters' large spellbooks. He was eventually seen to be very much alive and attended his daughter's wedding to a mortal guy named Andrew.
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