General Information
Age: Late 30s (possibly)
Species: Human
Resides: Earth
Occupation: Wife of Edward Spellman
Killed in mysterious circumstances
Powers/Abilities: None
Family: Edward Spellman (husband)
Sabrina (daughter)
Zelda and Hilda (sisters-in-law)
Ambrose (nephew)
Enemies: Enchantra (allegedly)
Romances: Edward Spellman
Series Information
First seen: Baby-Witching (mentioned only)

Diana was the mortal/human lover and wife of Edward Spellman, and Sabrina's human mother. She was a very beautiful and attractive young woman from the mortal world of non-magical beings on planet Earth. Some time ago in her younger adult years, Diana had met and fallen strongly in love with a very handsome and attractive man named Edward, who eventually revealed to her that he was a highly skilled and exceedingly powerful user of various types of magic and supremely powerful spells, mystical artifacts, charms, talismans and spellbooks from the magical world of Witch World, which she seemed not to fear or hold against him.

She had dated Edward for many months, which eventually led to their loving marriage, and giving birth to one daughter. From some unexplained causes, Diana had tragically died with her beloved husband, many years ago when Sabrina was just two years old. Her golden wedding ring is worn on Sabrina's magical jeweled pendant. Just like her late husband's ring, Diana's also possesses special properties of its own, which will assist Sabrina in discovering the disturbing truth of her mother's tragic death.

In the fifteenth episode, Baby-Witching , Sabrina remembers a story that her mother used to read to her when she, Sabrina, was little. It was about a beautiful mortal woman who fell for an extremely powerful wizard, which could be a reference to her own life.  


  • Her maiden name is unknown, as is her middle name.  
  • It is unknown if Diana's marriage to Edward had made her queen of Witch World by default, as she was human and possessed no magical abilities whatsoever. 
  • In Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Diana was revealed to be very much alive, but was forbidden by the Witch Council to have any connection with her daughter as she would be turned into a candle.