Plot Edit

Sixteen-year old Sabrina Spellman  is an extraordinarily strong and highly talented half witch/half human princess of the parallel magical world. As her parents-Edward and Diana-have passed away, Sabrina has been raised by her loving and helpful paternal Aunts Hilda and Zelda in the human world in the city of Greendale. Being half witch and half human, Sabrina lives a double life; one as a "normal human" teenager at Greendale High School, and another as a witch-in-training at Witch School in the magical world.

However, she is frequently bullied by Shinji for acting more human rather than magical. Unfortunately, Shinji's mother Enchantra has plans for Sabrina. As Sabrina is future queen of Witch World, Enchantra's intentions are to have the young princess despise the human world enough to live in Witch World forever of her own free will and take the throne as queen. Otherwise, Enchantra would lose all of her own immense magical powers and strength as the greatest and most  feared sorceress in existence.

Back in the human world, Sabrina's new friend Harvey Kinkle is accidentally infused with magic, which causes him to become a full-fledged violent werewolf every full moon. The first full moon is at a High School dance, so Sabrina tries to have Harvey the werewolf not hurt anyone and expose himself as a magical, mythical creature. Shinji and Ambrose follow and arrive at the dance, which Ambrose enjoys very much. Shinji and Sabrina fight over the werewolf, as Shinji thinks it is one of his mother's werewolves , but uses this as an excuse to trick and romance Sabrina to go to the dance with him as his queen. An angry Sabrina uses her pink/fuchsia/magenta-colored magic to whisk Shinj away; back through the portal to Witch World and Harvey transforms back into a human with no recollection whatsoever of being a werewolf.



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