Charging Stone
Vital statistics
Type Stone table
Effects Power/Ability augmentation
Ability recharging
Magical energy absorption
Spell absorption
Magical energy storage
Mana absorption
Life-force energy absorption
Chakra absorption
Magical empowerment
Source All wands' magical power and energy
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown
The Charging Stone is a huge stone table which has runes all around its end. It is the source of all wands' magic and from it, witches and wizards' can full strengthen and recharge their own wands with more magical power.

The stone is thus amplified and energized from the superstitions and beliefs from the hearts of humans. If too much energy is absorbed by the Charging Stone, it creates a massive disaster; such as a creating a huge vortex that is quite destructive and powerful enough to destroy all of Witch World.

Trivia Edit

  • The Stone is believed to be thousands of years old, as it contains the very magical essence of a person's magical energy and abilities.