Enchantra is increasingly annoyed of the genuinely strong and close friendship between Sabrina and Jessie, which is making Sabrina enjoy the human world more and more than the magical world. To break up this girl-to-girl friendship, Enchantra puts two fighting sprites in friendship bracelets that she herself created. As the sprites have been sworn enemies since birth, they casue Sabrina and Jessie to despise each other intensely and start an all-out mutinous rivalry between them.

Hilda and Zelda realize what is going on, and tell Sabrina to use her witch half to resist the blue sprite's power of negativity. With the red one still controlling Jessie, Sabrina goes after her best friend in Witch World. Enchantra is waiting there to destroy Jessie, but Sabrina gets in the way, telling not hurt her best friend in any way. She reminds Jessie of their intense and close bond, and the sprite comes lose.   

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