Sabrina is given a baby magical creature for an assignment in Professor Geist's magical creatures class. She must be the mother of this creature and make sure that is safe and well cared for. Back in the human world, Jessie wants to go see another of her friends in a concert, but is stuck babysitting her two-year old cousin Max. Sabrina offers to watch Max for her, as she has to look out for a baby creature as well. However, Max begins to act wild and starts a childish rampage around her aunts shop. 

Wanting to know more about motherly duties, Sabrina turns to Enchantra for advice, as she is the only person known to have mothered a child. Enchantra is insulted that Sabrina wants to use the "human touch" to take care of Max, and so she secretly imbues a washcloth with magic, which gives Max the ability of superhuman strength. Now Sabrina must hurry after Max before he causes any more damage with his superhuman strength.


  • The title is a parody on baby-sitting. 
  • More baby pictures of a younger, child-like Shinji are seen.