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General Information
Age: 15
Species: Wizard
Resides: Witch World
Occupation: Wizard-in-training at Witch School
Powers/Abilities: Flight
Magical aura (colored pale turquoise)
Magic energy beams
Transfiguration spells
Family: Vesta Spellman (mother; possible)
Zelda and Hilda (aunts)
Edward (late uncle)
Sabrina (first cousin)
Friends: Veralupa
Londa and Zonda
Professor Giest (teacher)

Shinji Sabrina

Enemies: Spella
Series Information
First seen: Dances with Werewolves

Ambrose is an exceptionally strong and skilled wizard/sorcerer in training at Witch School in the magical world. He is Sabrina Spellman's cousin, and as a wizard, from her father's side of the family, but it's unknown exactly how they're related; he mentioned having parents of his own in Dances with Werewolves while hurrying back to the magical world, which are clearly neither Zelda nor Hilda Spellman. Discounting any unknown siblings, the closest relation he could be is the son of a cousin of Zelda, Hilda and Edward Spellman, which would make him a second cousin of Sabrina's.

He attends classes of sorcery and wizardry at Witch School along with Sabrina, Veralupa, Shinji, Londa, and Zonda. His innate magical aura is colored light turquoise as is his wand and wizard robes. It's unknown if his paternal relation to Sabrina makes him a prince or not.

As revealed in the third episode, Ice Giant for Tea, he is very afraid of ice giants and tries to avoid a reason to battle them at any cost.  When he gets sick, he is covered in green pimples; similar to chicken pox.


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Trivia Edit

  • His name may be a play on ambrosia.
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