A Witch and the Werewolf
Season One, Episode unknown
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A Witch and the Werewolf is a feature-length movie that actually is a combination of the episodes Dances with Werewolves, Return of the Werewolf, and Creatures and Caves as one whole film.

Plot Edit

In the magical realm of Witch World, Sabrina is racing with the arrogant wizard Shinji, only child and son of the immensely powerful sorceress Enchantra, who are off facing werewolves as a test of their innate magical prowess and skill. Sabrina manages to outsmart him by using her own brand of magic to drop the werewolves on top of Shinji and reach the finish line first. Her friends Veralupa, Londa and Zonda, and her cousin Ambrose cheer her success. Enchantra appears and declares Sabrina the new champion, which cases Shinji to become thoroughly disgusted that she had used "physical nonsense from the human world" to win. Sabrina retaliates by stating how Shinji is supernatural nonsense from the witch world. However, Enchantra declares them both champions and as their prize, they will be crowned King and Queen of the Solstice Dance, which she foresees as a vision of the future. Sabrina summons her broomstick and opens a portal to the human world, where her aunts Zelda and Hilda are working in their bakery, Spellman's Brew.

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