One morning, Sabrina asks her aunts if they give her pancakes for breakfast. When they take out their wands to magically make a plate of freshly made pancakes appear nothing happens. A shocked Hilda and Zelda realize that neither of them has turned in their magic license renewal form, which until renewed, prevents them from doing any magic.

At Witch School, Sabrina is told by Professor Geist that when magic licenses expire, those who they belong to will mentally revert back to the emotional state they were when they first gotten their licence, which is mostly early teenage years for most witches; such as thirteen or fourteen years old. Sabrina returns home to the shop and finds her aunts indeed acting like rebellious teenagers. She orders Zelda and Hilda not to make a scene everywhere in their current state of mind.   

While Sabrina is at school, Hilda and Zelda steal Sabrina's scooter and ride off and causing a mess on the road of potato chips. Sabrina now chases after her aunts before they casue any more teenage trouble. Meanwhile, Enchantra had her spies intercept the renewal license instead of sending it directly to Hilda and Zelda. The longer her aunts are without magic, the more unbearable Sabrina's life would become in the human world, which is just what Enchantra wishes. Professor Geist accidentally sends the renewal form to Hilda and Zelda, which allows them full access to their magic again.   

Trivia Edit

  • Zelda and Hilda are revealed have a great disliking of stakes.
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